Tervetuloa - Welcome - Herzlich Willkommen

In Adults school AMIEDU Helsinki in a 4 month Catering course Februay- May 2007































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Before I started my first education course here at Amiedu, we went to meet the place on the weekend :-)


When I started the course we had in the 2 first weeks many tests for to show how knowledge is. After this 2 week we`ve got from the teacher the decision who can go to the course.

Fortunately, I could go, because I had the know-how because of my restaurant in Germany.

Very important was also the language level, so we had also to write a language test.

It was a course special for immigrants so we was students there from many countries :-)


During this educationcourse we had to go also into a restaurant in order to make observations, how the workings are of a restaurant and how the work of employees is. So we had to ask for it. In small groups we went out to search a restaurant in Helsinki.

It was a funny job, which we had to do :-) So we used also the visit for our lunchtime.

But, we had also to write a report and this wasn`t easy at all to write all in finnisch language.





During this Catering course we had also many hours pracital work in the school`s own teaching kitchen.

It was very funny and a really good time.We`ve got also the change to create out own menu and when we was ready we was eating all together. We could use your own recipes and transmit thus our native cuisine. The teacher organized all ingredients for us, so we had also to cook and later to eat :-)

Waiting for the kitchenwork


During this course we had also to compelte a practically workplace. So I asked, it is possible to get one in Amiedu`s kitchen. I had luck and we was 3 from our course who could start in this kitchen. We had a very good time, even though we had always a lot of work and needed to start work, at 6:30 clock.

About this time we had also to write a report so I toke lots of pictures, of course :-)


Here we was in the kitchen of the community Pitäjänmäki.

Jussi gave me the order to come with him as assistent.

Extra shift for a buffet






























As a thank you for our work, which we have done in the kitchen Jussi invited us to dinner in the school`s own restaurant "Talentti" for a very good lunchmenu.