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Herttoniemi (schwed. Hertonäs) ist der 43. Stadtteil (finn. kaupunginosa) der finnischen Hauptstadt Helsinki. Er umfasst die Teilgebiete (osa-alue) Länsi-Herttoniemi (West-Herttoniemi), Roihuvuori, Herttoniemen teollisuusalue (Industriegebiet Herttoniemi) und Herttoniemenranta. Herttoniemi ist auch der Name eines Stadtbezirks (peruspiiri), der zusätzlich das Teilgebiet Tammisalo umfasst.




Herttoniemi (Swedish: Hertonäs) is a neighbourhood and a suburb of Helsinki, the Finnish capital. It is located about 7 km east of the city centre and can be easily reached by metro in 10 minutes. It has an older northern suburb and a newer coastal suburb with ferry connections to the city centre. There once was a large harbour in Herttoniemi, but in the 1990s, this industrial harbour area was demolished and converted to a tightly populated residential area and marina.


There are four districts in Herttoniemi:

  • Länsi-Herttoniemi West Herttoniemi
  • Roihuvuori which is former East Herttoniemi
  • Herttoniemenranta Harbour of Herttoniemi
  • Herttoniemi industrial area