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Located on islands of Helsinki, Suomenlinna is a unique historical monumentand one of the largest maritime fortresses in the world. Its history is closely entwined with that of Finland and the Baltic region. Helsinki can also thank Suomenlinna for its early growth and prosperity.

You go of course by ship to this island, it needs from Helsinki maybe 20 minute and you have to pay the same price as you would go by bus in the city- 2,20 Euro / person


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1748 Construction of the fortress begins under the command of Augustin Ehrensvärd.

the church of Suomenlinna


1808 The Finnish war begins. Viapori surrenders to the Russian army with almost no resistance.

the entryportal


1809 Treaty of Hamina. Sweden cedes Finland to Russia.

1855 Crimean War and bombardment of Viapori. Anglo-French fleet bombards the fortress, which is badly damaged.


Suomenlinna is one of the largest sea fortress in the world



1917 Russian revolution. Finland declares independence on 6 December 1917.

1918 Fortress is given the name Suomenlinna (Finland’s Fortress) and after the civil war is a prison camp.

1919 Suomenlinna becomes a Finnish garrison.

Guns and tunnels of Suomenlinna
This exeiting tours is suitable for both adults
and children. Visit the old tunnels and magnificent guns form the 19th. century with a guide.


1973 Military period of the fortress ends. The Governing Body of Suomenlinna, operating under the Ministry of Education; Suomenlinna is handed over to civilian administration.

1991 UNESCO admits Suomenlinna to the World Heritage List.


1998 250th anniversary of Suomenlinna.

1999 Suomenlinna was awarded a medal by Europa Nostra for the quality of its restoration and revitalisation of the fortress.



Suomenlinna is a major monument of military architecture. The construction of the sea fortress on the islands just off Helsinki in the middle of the 18th century was the most extensive building project during Swedish rule. When it was complete, its military shipyard was one of the biggest dry docks in the world and centres of know-how at that time. At the end of Swedish rule the fortress was being compared with the maritime fortifications at Gibraltar.









Kriegsmuseum  Maneesi - Museum of war Maneesi

The 250-year-old fortress, which has been preserved intact because of its military use, is today part of the world heritage. In 1991 it was included in UNESCO’s World Heritage List.


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