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Walpurgis Night is a holiday celebrated on April 30 or May 1, in large parts of Central and  Northern Europe




Kaivopuistossa vappuna 2007, Helsinki 01.05.2007



International patterns can be discerned behind most of our festivities, but these foreign influences have, with time, been moulded into a true Finnish tradition. May Day is a case in point. Finnish Vappu combines such varied influences as the international workers' movement, European celebrations of spring, the traditional springtime revelry of Scandinavian students, the modern street carnival and the Finnishstyle enthusiasm for drinking. These ingredients all go to create a truly homespun Finnish carnival. On Vappu, every Finn celebrates the spring regardless of the fact that it may still be snowing...






VAPPU 2006



1th May 2006 at Kaivopusto Helsinki  

Foto: Monika Kahle