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THE TALL SHIPS`RACES 18.-21.7.2007


City by the sea


pictures from Uriah Heep concert:




The Tall Ships`Races was not only the largest public event at Finland this summer, it  marked also the largest event ever arranged at Kotka.

Magnificent sailing ships from various parts of the world conbereged on Kotka.


The tall Ships`Races tour:

Århusin ( Denmark) - Kotka ( Finland) - Stockholm ( Sweden) - Szczecin ( Poland)





KOTKA Stadt des Meeres

City by the sea

Mastoja Kotkan Satamassa - Masten im Hafen von Kotka

Foto ist aus dem Jahre 1890

und wurde von Daniel Nyblin, mit rechtem Namen C.P. Dyrendahl aufgenommen.

































Das mexikanische Segelschiff CUATTHÈMOC läuft in denHafen ein am Dienstag Vormittag

Foto: HS Juha Metso

We visited KOTKA on the 20th July 2007.

We drived by bus the following tour:

Helsinki - Porvoo - Loviisa - Pyhtää - Kotka

140 km

Our first way was to the lookout Haukkavuori- an old watertower.

There we enjoyed a coffee and cake in the cafè Saga and we was also on the top from the tower :-)

It was pitty, that we had raining weather, but it was`nt cold.

After coffee and nice outlook from the top of the tower we went to the habour, where were all the great ships. It was really impressive.