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 Korteniemi, Liesjärvi National Park, Tammela 22.07.2006

Liesjärvi National Park is located in southwest Häme in the outlying municipality of Tammela. The area is referred to as the Tammela upland and is a moraine based. It has always been a barren and sparsely populated area in the centre of fertile farmlands. Old livelihoods and traditions such as slash-and-burn agriculture and burning of tar and wood charcoal were practised far longer in the upland than in surrounding areas. People there also lived far longer in traditional wooden cottages, which are heated with large ovens but have no chimneys so the smoke gathers in the dwelling until it disperses through ducts. Though the area is out-of-the-way it has always been a favourite of hunters and fishers; this is evidenced by Stone Aged dwelling and artefacts found in the area.


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Korteniemi Heritage Farm

Location of Korteniemi in FinlandSouthern Finland, Kanta-Häme Region
Municipality of Tammela (www.tammela.fi, in Finnish)
Liesjärvi National Park
The destination is managed by Metsähallitus.

Visitors to Korteniemi will learn about everyday life at a forest ranger’s estate in the 1910s. The area’s cultural landscape is maintained at the farm through traditional farming methods.